Intro To Somatics Workshop 

in Astoria, OR.

Sept. 29th from 9am-5pm

Held at Yoga Gypsy Sally's Studio

Your brain!

Your brain controls everything your

body does, including how you

move and sense yourself.

Your brain is also”plastic," meaning

it can change at any age.

With Think Somatics you can

reclaim your body and life.

Workshop Instructor-

Kristin Jackson, CCSE, CPT

As a Clinical Somatic Educator and Holistic Movement Teacher, Kristin loves blending somatic awareness into her life and work with others. She is the founder of Think Somatics and Take It Outside Fitness,

offering services both in Portland, Oregon and online.


In this workshop you will learn:

*  How humans respond to pressures of life with

full-body tension patterns.

* What Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) is and

how it causes pain and dysfunction.

* Safe, simple movements to reverse your SMA

unlock your innate ability to heal and

 maintain your freedom and autonomy.

Sept 29th


Intro To Somatics Workshop

399 31st Street Suite A - Yoga Gypsy Sally Studio, Astoria Oregon 97103

$149 early bird by 8/16 | $179 after 8/16

Per Ticket

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