Merkaba Center for Healing, LLC

Integration of Mind. Body. Spirit.

Specializing in Nervous System Reset, Trauma Release, Brain Injury Recovery and Physical Dysfunctions 

We offer an Integrative and Holistic approach.

Grounding, growth and creating space for clients to initiate their own body's healing process. 

RELEASE stagnant limitations

MOVE and create optimal alignment and ease

 INTEGRATE your body's ability to heal itself

ACHIEVE resilience in your system


The Goal

There will be an intake form to fill (print one here) for the initial visit, discussion of medical history, postural assessments to determine what's happening in the overall structure, myofascial length testing, height measurements and dialogue regarding lifestyle choices, and 

To facilitate our body's own healing response and to allow the informs the practitioner of what it needs and where we should start in this therapeutic approach. 

 Most people require 3-10 sessions depending on their specific needs.