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Merkaba Center for Healing is your sanctuary for transformation and wholeness. Together, we tap into your inner wisdom to align your mind, body, and spirit, empowering you to embrace your true potential and create harmony across all aspects of life.


Whether you seek physical relief, emotional well-being, or a deeper soul connection, our work focuses on harnessing your natural healing abilities, breaking free from stagnation, and promoting alignment and resilience throughout your being.

Our center offers a range of tailored healing options, from remote Zoom sessions and personalized one-on-one sessions to intimate group gatherings, transformative retreats, and educational teachings. We're here to support your unique journey, facilitating meaningful healing and growth.



From my earliest memories, I've been able to turn challenges into pathways for personal growth and expansion. Through my own experiences, I've witnessed the incredible power of our innate healing capacities. My calling is to guide individuals to discover their inner resilience and wisdom, helping them navigate the profound passages of life.  I embrace the belief that wisdom resides in every aspect of our internal/external system, including those facets we may be reluctant to recognize, engage with, or label as 'negative' or 'unworthy.'

My foundation in Occupational Therapy was just the beginning. In 2015, I embarked on a transformative journey into energy medicine, shamanism, sound therapy, Bowenwork, Tensegrity Medicine, and ancestral repair. This expedition led me to become a business owner and develop a unique practice.

It is an honor and privilege to guide clients to unveil their wholeness and life's purpose. As a safe and compassionate witness, I'm here for you on your path to healing.

Anticipating our collaboration with warmth, Kendra


    Intuitive Dialogue

    60 min

    Intuitive Guidance call

    Deep Dive

    60-90 min


    Deep dive into finding root causes of dysfunction

    Awakening to Spirit

    45 min call

    Assistance in navigating the awakening process

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    Offering 1:1, small group instruction for Tensegrity Medicine students


    Hire me as a practioner to come work with your retreat guests

    Get in touch

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