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Nuestros servicios

Esta es su página de servicios. Es una gran oportunidad para brindar información sobre los servicios que brinda. Haga doble clic en el cuadro de texto para comenzar a editar su contenido y asegúrese de agregar todos los detalles relevantes que desea compartir con los visitantes del sitio.

Schedule a discovery call with Merkaba Center for Healing.  Kendra is an intuitive guide and mentor, drawing from a diverse training and life experience background.  In this call, we'll get to know each other and explore how this work can help you discover the tools to unlock and transform any stagnation in your system.  We will create and explore the healing path that best serves your growth and self-healing.  


Free 15-30 min call

In this profound exploration, we will delve even further into your reservoir of deep insights. We aim to unveil profound truths and unearth the fundamental triggers behind the challenges currently affecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Collaboratively, we will immerse ourselves in pinpointing the genesis of these recurring patterns, observing them through a lens of security and empathy. Together, we will traverse the realms of somatic awareness, transcendent consciousness, mind-body dialogue, energetic interventions, ancestral restoration, Bowenwork, the reconnection of brain and body, repair of the nervous system, and intuitive counsel.

Includes one free follow-up zoom/phone check-in and an optional integrative platform to support between sessions. 

(we can discuss this option and pricing)

60-90 min $160-$240

Offered via Zoom/phone call or

as a retreat session. 


Are you currently undergoing a profound transformation in your life? Have you found yourself perceiving the world in entirely new ways—seeing, hearing, or feeling with unprecedented clarity? Amidst these shifts in your mental and emotional landscape, if you're feeling disoriented, remember that I am here to provide guidance. You are entering an 'Awakening to Spirit' phase, and I am here to help navigate this journey alongside you.

Zoom/phone only- will be recorded

45 min talk $65.00


"Hi Kendra, reaching out to say, it was so nice to meet with you Thank you for taking the time out of your day to speak with me, and for sharing some of your own experiences (though I wish I had been able to hear more) and for listening and reassuring me in the experiences I have been having all the way over here in Minnesota". A.Z. 

"Kendra, it was SO wonderful to connect with you last week. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. ❤️" E.V. Wisconsin

Instructional Course for the Community- There are no classes scheduled at this time, if you would like to coordinate with me to teach this at your location please use the link below 


 Reach out to schedule this class

This is not a class to become certified and does not offer CEUs for licensed therapists. 

Learn core concepts to help re-establish the Parasympathetic system (aka rest and digest) that include Vagus Nerve toning exercises, and 3 core Bowen releases that will assist in regulating you and your family's nervous system.


4.5 hours of instruction, receive the work and practice the work on yourself, the instructor, or a volunteer model. Includes a 30-minute lunch break.

PDF file of the manual will be sent a couple of days prior to class and upon receipt of registration and payment. 

Cost: $75 per person

Classes will be reserved for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 participants

Allow me to serve as your companion on a journey to tap into your inner wisdom, connect with your higher self, benevolent guides, and positive ancestral influences. Together, we can explore and find insights to address any blockages that might be affecting your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being. By collaborating, we can unlock deeper understanding and enhance the connection you inherently possess. I hold the belief that you hold the solutions within, and I am here to facilitate your process of self-discovery.

Zoom/phone Only- will be recorded

 60 min $140.00

Enlist my services to enhance your retreat by inviting me to join as a provider. I'll bring my skills and tools, ensuring an enriching and transformative experience for all retreat participants. This collaboration guarantees a unique and beneficial experience that will contribute positively to your event.

Pricing to be discussed



"People are having such deep and beautiful healings with you....there was definitely magic flowing through the group during the retreat- and flowing through you!  Finding all those stuck places and opening them up for release!  I'm so grateful that we all were able to experience your support and deep seeing."  Tai-Sword & Lotus,  Seattle, WA

"Kendra, what an incredible gift it was to meet and be able to experience a session with you at the Sword and Lotus wellness retreat. It was truly a transformative experience for me and I am so grateful, thank you 💖"

L.W. - Portland, OR

"Meeting you has had a profound impact on my life and I believe that we will have the opportunity to meet again." ~L.

This opportunity involves personalized mentorship and instructional sessions designed for Tensegrity Medicine Mentorship Students who are either in progress or have successfully finished the comprehensive year-long online training under Kelly Clancy.


Book a virtual 1:1 or group session, or reach out to discuss an in-person visit to your clinic or practice, offering guidance in the practical application of Biotensegral testing and its seamless integration into your professional work.  Learn more about Tensegrity Medicine HERE.

Price to be determined based on travel and instructional time.  Please reach out to discuss options.  

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