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Quantum Consciousness Journey

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A quantum journey is similar to a guided meditation, but so much more. Every journey begins with an inspirational conversation with your consciousness facilitator (me). During this conversation, you are supported in formulating a high vibrational intention for your journey. This intention is determined by the outcome or benefits that you desire for yourself and possibly also for the collective consciousness and the betterment of humanity. You are supported and energetically held with care throughout your quantum journey, as I assist you with accessing the expanded realms of consciousness and higher levels of vibration. While each journey has a specific purpose or focus, your experience will be unique to you. 

Depending on the type of quantum journey you choose, your journey will likely include some of the following opportunities or experiences.

  1. Accessing wisdom, healing, skills, or resources from your soul lineage and/or from your other existences in other dimensions.

  2. Getting support for your current life as an empath.

  3. Clearing energetic inheritance and intergenerational trauma.

  4. Transcending current physical and/or emotional distress to achieve resonance with your natural state of love.

  5. Acquiring a deep knowing of who you are as a spiritual being and why you chose to come to earth at this time.


The essence of Quantum Consciousness has four key aspects:

“The Creator Effect” embraces the concept that we can create anything we desire through our intention. This concept has origination in the Quantum principle of “The Observer Effect”. This experimentally proved theory states that we affect an outcome just by observing an event, it encapsulates the power of intention and confirms we are the masters of our own destiny.

“Intanglement” embraces the concept of oneness, that we are all part of the energy of the universe and that some particles are more entangled than others. When we turn the Quantum principle of “Entanglement” internally into our own personal universe, we can seek and find our other selves. We who live in a timeless space of all ages, all alternate realities, parallel lives and our pure soul state. All are held within our personal universe.

“Everywhereness” works on the Quantum principle of “Non locality”, that electrons can be in more than one place at one time, in fact they are everywhere at once in their awareness and they exist as probabilities until observed. We exist in all dimensions at the same time, beyond though including all linear time zones.  We can visit these places to find the healing and wisdom that serves the greater being that we are.

“Holographic Healing” works on the Quantum principle that we live in a “holographic universe”. A universe in which the large and the small are the same and that the smallest piece contains all. This simply means that any wisdom we uncover from our other selves, any healing we undertake can then send an evolving wave of higher consciousness rippling out into the fabric of the cosmos to serve the universe itself. Our personal universe is simply a holographic subset of all there is. 

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