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What do people have to say.....

I'll be the first to speak about this work that I offer.  Everything that I offer to my clients are the same things that have helped me heal, grow and advance in my wholeness and joy.  Not too long ago I suffered from a multitude of limitations including physical pain and suffering, brain injury related decline to PTSD.  My journey to heal myself transformed the work I offer today.  One day, I will write a book about my journey, until then, stay tuned for inspiring offerings coming in the future. Kendra ❤️

In their words


Tai- Seattle, Wa

"People are having such deep and beautiful healings with you....there was definitely magic flowing through the group during the retreat- and flowing through you!  Finding all those stuck places and opening them up for release!  I'm so grateful that we all were able to experience your support and deep seeing."  

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